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Hire a Car for the Roman Pleasures of Malaga

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Malaga is a famous city as well as a municipality in the Autonomous region of Andalusia which is in Spain. It is the largest city in the southern most region of Europe which lies on the Costa del Sol area of the Mediterranean, at about 100 kilometers to the east of the Strait of Gibraltar and at about 130 kilometers to the northern region of Africa. You can even use our car rental service in Malaga and travel to and from the main city to various destinations including airport. Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the main one serving this region. Malaga is historically the oldest cities in the whole world. The city is flooded with its cultural infrastructure as well as rich artistic heritage. Due to this reason, the city has been nominated for the European Capital of Culture to be held in the year2016. You can even visit The Roman Theater, the old Alcazaba and The Cathedral of the Encarnation here.

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